Perrine Broca

«Independent translator, working from Spanish, Catalan and English into French».


  • Experience


    With over than twelve years’ experience, Perrine operates as an independent translator, working from Spanish, Catalan (learnt during the fifteen years she spent in Catalonia) and English (she is a graduate of the University of Sheffield, UK) into French, her native tongue. She divides her time between Spain and France.


  • Professional expertise and international know-how


    Perrine is a Business Studies graduate and has a master's degree in International business. After several years as an export manager in the metallurgy and automobile industries, in 2005 Perrine helped to set up ID'S, a consultancy specialising in trade development between France and Spain. She set up and ran the Language Services Department, a part of the business that has continued to grow and develop.


  • Multiple skill set


    Perrine provides translation services ranging from websites of all kinds to commercial and marketing texts, as well as financial and legal documents. She also translates technical manuals for major multinational companies, working in close collaboration with several prestigious translation agencies. Most of these are based in Paris, Madrid, Valencia or Barcelona, and are certified by the ISO 9001:2000 Standard for Quality Management Systems. Perrine is currently working in various specific sectors, where she has built up a solid background and continues to expand her skill set, using her depth of experience to identify specific terminology for new industry sectors.